Electric Car M2 LS

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Rediscover the love of driving in a modern but healthy style for the environment!

M2 is a modern electric car with premium features: regenerative braking, generous LCD display, bluetooth connection, wi-fi, power steering, power brake, ABS, electric windows, air conditioning, reversing camera and parking sensors, adjustable mirrors electric.
The car also has a digital cockpit with 2 LCD screens, multimedia system with Hi-Fi speakers, android car, on-board gps navigation and quality interior finishes, leather seats and perfectly adapted suspension complete a 5-star comfort!


If we make a direct reference to the dimensions of the M2 electric vehicle, we realize a first advantage - the ease of driving in the city and parking. The engine develops a maximum power of 15 KW and a speed of 80 km / h is sufficient for any trip in urban areas.


M2, offers a generous storage space with dimensions
1000 x 1205 x 700 mm, 850 liters. Thus, daily shopping, office documents, clothes and other luggage will definitely find their place!
Bonus: the tax for electric cars is zero and they benefit from free parking in big cities through the decisions of the local councils in force.


In the case of a classic car with a heat engine, the main maintenance costs are: filter change, oil change, timing belt replacement, spark plug replacement and the list goes on. The tip of the iceberg is represented by the cost of a liter of gasoline / diesel.

The good news is that these problems are disappearing in the case of electric cars like this model.
Maintenance is minimal because most of the moving parts of the engine disappear!
And the cost of travel is about 2 euros per 100 km (calculation based on the cost of electricity needed to fully charge the battery).

The battery is based on Plumb Acid technology specially designed for electric vehicles. Charging can be done in the garage or anywhere you have access to a standard 220V electrical outlet. The approximate time for a full charge of the 120 Ah battery is 6-7 hours for an eco range of up to 120 km *!

Of course, as with any other electric vehicle, the conditions of use are important, such as: the angle of ascent, the operation of the air conditioning, the weight transported and last but not least the outside temperature (if the weather is cold the autonomy can be reduced by up to 40%).

We are waiting for a test drive at our address in Sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti nr. 135, Sector 1, Bucuresti!


Full speed: 50 km/h

Charging time: 6-7 H - charging at standard 220-230V socket

Weight: 550 KG

Autonomy: 110-120 km (eco)

Ascent angle: 25 degrees

Battery: Plumb-Acid, 120 Ah, 72V

Propulsion: 100% Electric

Gearbox: automatically

Number of seats: 2

Dimensions: 2845 x 1500 x 1565 mm

Ground clearance: 165 mm

Wheels: 13 inch - 155/65 R13

Driving Mode: Economic/Sport

Screen: Touch screen 9″

Dashboard: LCD 6.2″″

On-Board System: Android

Trunk capacity: 600 L, 800 x 1100 x 700 mm

Engine Maximum Power: 10 KW

Features: Longitudinally adjusted seats, electric windows, reverse video camera, parking sensors, gps navigation, bluetooth, wifi, air conditioning, ABS

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