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Article 1
- Terms and conditions of sale (hereinafter TCGV) will apply to all sales of goods and services by SC TELEVOICE GRUP SRL through www.evolioshop.com through the virtual store to the buyer.

In this TCGV, key terms have the following meanings:

"Buyer" means any person, firm, company or other legal entity that issues a command.

"SELLER" trading company Televoice Group SRL, based in Bucharest, Str. Gregory Cobalcescu, no. 39, sector 1, registered with the Trade Register under number J40 / 11378 / 12.11.2002, Registration Code no. RO15005294

"Goods and Services" means any product or service in those markets through virtual store www.evolioshop.com, including documents and services mentioned in the order, which will be provided by the vendor to the purchaser.

"ORDER" means an electronic document that comes as a form of communication between seller and buyer, the seller agrees to deliver goods and services that they sell to the BUYER and the BUYER agrees to receive those goods and services and make them pay .

"CONTRACT": an order confirmed by the seller.

"INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS" (hereinafter IPR) all industrial property rights including but not limited to: know-how, copyright, design rights, model rights, patents, trademarks and records of names the fields for any of the above.

"Specifications" means all specifications and / or descriptions of goods and services as are specified in the order.


By placing an order electronic or telephonic website mentioned above, the BUYER agrees with the form of communication (phone or email) by the vendor runs his operations. The order will be composed of the following documents, in order of importance:
1) Order (with clear mentions of data delivery and billing) and its specific conditions
2) Buyer's specifications (where applicable)
3) these Terms and Conditions of Sale
If Seller confirms the order, this will involve a complete acceptance of the terms of the order. Order acceptance by the seller is deemed finlizata when there is an electronic (e-mail) confirmation from the Seller to the Buyer, without requiring an acknowledgment from him. Seller does not believe in any unconfirmed order as having the value of a contract.

Article 3 - DURABILITY

Contract enters into force on confirmation by the seller. Confirmation is made by e-mail. Terms and conditions of sale will be the basis contract thus concluded, in their completion the certificate of guarantee issued by the seller or supplier thereof.

Article 4 - Obligations of the SELLER

4.1 Seller shall deliver goods and services that meet the needs and specifications of buyers in order;
4.2 The information and photos presented SELLER sites have information and can be altered by the Seller without notice. Also, because of the space and coherent structure of information, product descriptions may be incomplete, but the seller makes efforts to present the most relevant information for the product to be used in parameters for which it was purchased;
4.3 Communication with the store - can be done by interacting with it, posting opinions about products or communication addresses listed under "contact". Will be excluded from the site or ignored, reviews or appeals that contain abusive or offensive language. Seller is free to manage the information received, without having to bring justification for it.


Seller may assign and / or sucontracta a third party for services related to order fulfillment with information BUYER, not necessarily agreement. Seller will always be liable to Buyer for all contractual obligations.


SC TELEVOICE GROUP SRL is the sole owner of all rights on the site and its content. The site name, form graphics, logos, names of products are registered trademarks smartphones: Being SC GRUP And can not be used in any way by third parties.

All property rights, including intellectual property, the Site and its contents remain the property of Seller.

If you notice a violation of intellectual property rights by www.evolioshop.com please send a notice to: office@evolio.ro


7.1 All information of any kind provided by the buyer to the seller, will remain the property of Seller and shall be used to fulfill the contract.

7.2 No public statement, promotion, press release or any other manner of disclosure to third parties shall be made by Buyer on command without the prior written consent of Seller.

7.3 SC TELEVOICE GROUP SRL reserves the right to send users promotional material from www.evolioshop.com order or have subscribed to the newsletter section of the website. Phone number noted client command can be used to inform customers and for commercial communications.

Article 8 - TIME

8.1 If can not meet deadlines and / or start Order, SELLER shall notify the BUYER of the estimated time of completion of delivery.

8.2 If the Seller receives erroneous information related to billing or delivery of products, it will set a new deadline for the fulfillment of the order, it fits within 3 working days.

Article 9 - BILLING - Payment

Price, method of payment and the payment date specified in the Order. Seller shall deliver to Buyer an invoice for goods and services delivered, the Buyer is obliged to provide all necessary information for the invoice according to the legislation in force.


10.1 Returns - The seller is obliged to send goods and services door-to-door system to Buyer and provide a period of 48 hours or longer in exceptional circumstances. In exceptional circumstances (weather, road conditions, accidents, etc.), the Seller shall inform the Buyer about delays and provide an estimated time of delivery.

10.2 Transport - Packaging

Seller is download the risks and responsibilities associated with goods and services at the time of their delivery to internal courier company or the representative of the seller cooperates Buyer. Seller will ensure proper packaging of goods and services and ensure transmission of documents. Seller will make delivery of goods and services in Romania and the European Union.

10.3 Goods and Services Prices displayed on the site do not include delivery costs.

Article 11 - ACCEPTANCE

Acceptance will be made when goods and services are consistent with the technical characteristics mentioned in the Order. If the buyer discovers that the products delivered or services provided do not conform to the technical specifications, the Seller will bring the line products and services without any cost to Buyer damages related to these operations. Also, Seller will comply with the law by Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 on the legal regime of distance contracts, which gives the Buyer (only when enactment mentioned) notify in writing the right to waive the purchase without penalty and without giving any reason within 14 days from receiving the product, in case of services, from contract, the Buyer will receive within 14 days of receipt by the Seller of the products return (bank transfer) contract price, conditioned upon return of goods and services. Seller has the right when you consider that actions were maliciously Buyer for damages to Buyer, under the legislation.
Smart TV Box product is sold by subscription SeeNow, so the return of such product will not return and the value of 20 EURO a prepaid subscription is activated the first connection's Smart TV Box TV.
When returning products are sold with Norton Mobile Security will not be returned and the value of 1 EURO, which is licensed Norton.
In return the products to which it offered Vodafone SIM + 5 Euro credit, will retain the 5 euro in value paid for the product.

Article 12 - Guarantees

In addition to any other warranties required by applicable laws, detailed in the Warranty Certificate issued by the Seller, Buyer guarantees them against any non compliance which can affect the whole or part of the goods and services, except for normal wear for a period of 24 months from the date of invoice of sale. Exceptions are consumables (which does not benefit guarantee) and accessories that are not part of the electronic category..

If the warranty is missing this will be required in writing within 48 hours of receipt of goods and services. Further complaints on this issue will not be taken into account.

For Evolio Premium Warranty and the warranty for broken display for M5 smartphone, the replacement of the display is free only once, for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. 

Article 13 - Contests and Promotions

If employees are are working at SC TELEVOICE GROUP SRL their families may not participate in any contest held on the website www.evolioshop.com
You agree to participate in any contest www.evolioshop.com you agree to receive future special offers and other information from www.evolioshop.com or emails from any other site owned by SC TELEVOICE GROUP SRL.

The vouchers offered to customers can not be applied if you want to be procured products are already part of a promotion, the discount is or have other discounts.
Promotions and discount codes are not cumulative.
Resealed products do not benefit from active promotions for products sealed.

Article 14 - Transfer of ownership

Ownership of the Goods and Services will be transferred at the time of payment from the buyer, depending on the method indicated in the order. The delivery must be signed for receipt of the transport document provided by courier or signed invoice receipt for supplies made by staff Seller. If courier delivery, it is not authorized by Seller to Buyer allowing open packages before signing for delivery, but only after signing the delivery and payment of their value.

Article 15 - Liability

15.1 Seller shall not be responsible for damages of any kind which the Purchaser or any third party may suffer as a result of the performance by Seller of any of its obligations under the Order and for damages resulting from the goods and services after delivery and especially for the loss of products.

15.2 Seller will be liable if the subcontractors and / or partners of any kind involved in execution of the order do not meet any of its contractual obligations.

Article 16 - Breach - END

16.1 If the seller does not perform its obligations, including warranty period, Purchaser shall notify Seller in writing of such failure. An action plan will be confirmed between the parties within three days of notification.

16.2 Buyer may cancel an order by e-mail, before it was delivered. Otherwise, the order will be subject to returning the goods mentioned on websites Seller

Article 17 - FORCE MAJEURE

17.1 Neither of the Contracting Parties is not responsible for failure time and / or improper execution - totally or partially - of any obligation imposed on him under this agreement if failure or improper performance of the obligation in question was caused by force majeure as defined by law.

17.2 The party claiming force majeure must notify the other party, within three days, the event and take all possible measures to limit the consequences.

17.3 If within 30 days from the event does not cease, the parties are entitled to notice of termination of this contract without any of them to claim damages.


This contract is subject to Romanian law. Any disputes arising from the interpretation and execution of this contract shall be settled amicably, and if an agreement is not reached in this way will appeal to the competent courts of the seat to the Seller.

Article 19 - Rates

Prices of products and services displayed on the site include VAT www.evolioshop.com 19%, according to the law in force.
Price, payment method and delivery method specified in the Order. Seller shall deliver to Buyer an invoice for goods and services delivered, the Buyer is obliged to provide all necessary information for the invoice according to the legislation in force.


If one or more provisions of these TCGV are in conflict with any applicable legal requirement, these provisions will not be applied together Parties shall endeavor to agree on new provisions to comply with the provisions of the original. Parties to the agreement shall be deemed independent contractors and neither one of the parties is not given the right or authority to assume or create any obligation on behalf of or at the expense of the other. The terms and conditions of this agreement replace other prior written or oral agreements between the parties mentioned, on the subject of this Agreement and shall not be modified or altered except by written agreement signed by both parties.

BUYER has read these terms and conditions of sale and agree with them entirely, when the launch command.

and its suppliers assume no responsibility for typographical or display in terms of price, features, images, etc. In the event that the price of the product or some product features have been wrongly entered in our database, or displayed incorrectly, and the delivery was not made yet, our company reserves the right to cancel delivery of the product and to inform the customer in the time about the error.

Information on the seller's site, informative and can be altered by the Seller without notice.

Televoice Group may change these terms from time to time without notice to buyers. Such changes will be made to the purchaser by posting on our website. Such changes are considered to be accepted by Buyer if he continues to use the services and information by posting on the website.

For purchases made online, the guarantee is made on the invoice, a receipt or tax bill and warranty which may be blank.

Given the legislation in force on waste electrical and electronic equipment that may contain hazardous materials aspura impact on the environment or human health if not collected separately, please keep in mind symbol indicates that electrical and subject to a separate electronic collections:


Any complaints can be made by the buyer at the office and at tel / fax no .: +40 (0) 21.300.2004 / + 40 (0) 21.300.2005. As well as. www.anpc.gov.ro

Commissioner for Consumer Protection of Bucharest

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Fax: 021 / 310.63.80

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